Universal Mixer Distributor


Now you can mix different signals and distribute any signal-mix to four independent buffered channels.

You can mix AC or DC signals, sounds or control voltages as you want with this super compact thin Eurorack module by OIIIAUDIO.

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Mix and distribute!

Very often in the process of synthesizing sound, a simple task arises: to mix several voltages and distribute what they got in the end. At the same time, buffer each of the outputs, making it independent. And to present all this in a 2hp-sized Eurorack mixer module?!.. Look here…

For example, such a task is relevant when it is necessary to mix sounds in one group and send them to one, two or more effect modules (like Spring Reverb) and also use clear sound and do it all in parallel.

Or you can mix control voltages by making the resulting control signal more complex or evenly mix control using, for example, several sequencers … In any case, an unlimited field for imagination and creativity is open for you, which is very nice because it gives more freedom when creating sounds or music!

Everything ingenious is simple!

For this task, we have developed a simple, compact and incredibly functional Eurorack module of the Universal Mixer-Distributor, and here is its schematic representation:

Scheme of the Universal Mixer Distributor by OIIIAUDIO

Convinced of the power of simplicity?

This really simple and thin (2hp), so functional and easy to use module allows you to:

  • Mix two, three or four signals (top four inputs)
  • Distribute any mix to four independent buffered channels (bottom four outputs)
  • Mix AC or DC signals, sounds or controls as you want
  • Get the buffered independent outputs for the next processings

Characteristics of the Universal Mixer Distributor:

  • Size: 2hp
  • Power: Standart Eurorack 10pin IDC (+12V/-12V)
  • Input-Output voltages: -12V to +12V
  • Panel: 2mm thick aluminum
  • Power cable and set of screws and washers are included

Device number: G1.MID44.E32.0517.1


Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 160 × 80 × 35 mm


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