Quad Eurorack Mixer with Controlled Panorama


Very useful Eurorack mixer module which allows you to mix together 4 signals and controlled their panoramas as you want.

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Ride the Quad

The essence and feature of this Eurorack mixer is in each of its channels, that is, in this device you get four at once + a convenient interface for outputting sound.

Panorama Knob of Quad Mixer with Controllable Panorama
Panorama Knob

In addition to balancing the four input groups, you also have the opportunity to control the panorama of each channel independently. Panorama control is relative to the starting point, which you set using the Panorama knob of this Eurorack mixer.





Pan Control Interface of Quad Mixer with Controllable Panorama
Pan Control Interface

You simply apply a control voltage to the input tied to the Panorama Control knob and set the level of influence of the control voltage on the channel pan parameter.

And now the position of your sound is determined by the control voltage. If a positive voltage is applied, then the sound is shifted to the right; if the control voltage is negative, then to the left.

This is a simple and incredibly powerful way that allows you to diversify the spatial picture and separate sounds or groups of sounds in such a way as to avoid their conflicts, giving everyone their own place. And such a place for sound can be dynamic, changeable, fast or slow as you want!..

The most IMPORTANT thing in the placement!

You must also remember that in addition to panning the sound, a very important element for placement in space is the reverb effect like Spring Reverb Tank, with which you can bring the instrument closer or move it to the background. That is, the more the instrument is immersed in reflections of reverb, the more it seems deeper for the listener. As if the instrument is there somewhere and from it multiple reflections are heard, but he himself is not very audible …
Place instruments wisely!

Features of the Quad Mixer with Controllable Panorama:

  • 4 independently panned channels;
  • Strict black and white design, aluminum panel;
  • Stereo headphone output.


Format: Eurorack
Power supply: + -12V (IDC 10-pin)
Size: 24HP

Device number: G1.MXP41.E324.0217.2

Additional information

Weight 465 g
Dimensions 170 × 150 × 65 mm


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