It is usually used to propagate trigger signals but can be used for other types of signals if desired. In some cases, this can be a useful stereo jack.

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The passive signal multiplier (Multiples) for 8 connectors interconnected. It has a compact size (minimum for Eurorack standard) – 2HP, which allows you to conveniently place this device in your synthesizer rack.


Multiples is indispensable when working with drum modules and is usually used to multiply trigger signals, but if desired, it can be used for other types of signals like the sound – as a passive mixer. But for mixing and distribution of non-linear signals like CV or sound, it is more correct to use an active buffered distributor like MID44, although such a passive device as Multiples (MLT10) can cope with most of these tasks without requiring power, which is very convenient and an advantage.

This device also allows you to work with stereo signals, that is, it supports a stereo jack.


  • Format: Eurorack
  • Power: Not required
  • Size: 2HP


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