Universal Joystick Controller


X-Y Universal (AC/DC) Joystick Controller Eurorack module with offsets.

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This is Eurorack Joystick for manually controlling any two params of your synths, which allows you to express yourself and add true artistry to your music or sound-design.

You can change the voltages (AC or DC) by two coordinates or control any input signal by joystick and shift them to selected offset.

Each of the two joystick channels has forward and reverse outputs, as well as one input (alternating or direct current), which can be used as a signal source for the joystick channel.

It is an easy-to-understand and use device in a straught black design. The thick aluminum panel and the metal rod of the joystick handle determine the ultimate strength and reliability. The device is carefully assembled by hand, tuned and ready for use, performances, improvisation or recording. Just plug in the power and it’s ready.

The kit contains four Philips plastic screws that do not scratch the panel, reliably maintain an aesthetic appearance and match the joystick in color.


  • Offsets for each channel
  • You can control any input signal
  • The module has a conservative black and white design and plastic handles.
  • The panel is made of 2mm thick aluminum.
  • Size – 14hp
  • Included power cable and set of plastic screws by Philips

Device number: G1.JST20.E314.0518.1

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 140 × 90 × 65 mm


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