Dual Transistor Amplifier


Simple and effective amplitude control of any signal pair.

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This analogue dual amplifier with a characteristic sound inherent in the “transistor” amplifiers. Signal amplification occurs in the transistor cascade, which saturates the signal with micro-nonlinear distortions generated by the Universe itself.

First: The device is suitable for absolutely any type of signal (AC or DC), has a direct and inverse output, which is convenient when working with control voltages and ket additional space for creativity and experimentation.

Secondly: The gain is greater than unity, which means that the amplitude of the input signal can be controlled not only by lowering, but also by increasing – for example, to make the original sound louder without overloading.

Third: The device has a depth of only 14 mm (with a 22 mm power connector)

The amplifier pair is precisely tuned in our laboratory and the dual transistor amplifier module can easily be used to create and control a stereo signal.

This is the third version of the amplifier, the concept and circuit of the amplifier stage are completely redesigned and changed.


  • Real transistor sound
  • Two finely tuned transistor VCA
  • Gain more than one
  • Direct and inverse outputs
  • Compact size


  • Conservative black and white design and plastic handles.
  • The panel is made of 2mm thick aluminum.
  • Size – 10hp
  • Included power cable and set of screws with washers.
  • Device number: G1.VCA23.E310.0320.1

Additional information

Dimensions 140 × 90 × 65 mm


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