Concealed Counterculture

Plutonic Sound


Reality Is Hidden in The Shadows

The sun had already set, and glare of night lights appeared on gray damp asphalt, the city bustle was hastily transformed into a cool midnight movement, saturated with the smells of perfume and tobacco. On the streets there are many who knows, many who are dark and those who is the food for them, without realizing it. What a beckoning time the night, so much mystery and mystery, is trying to pulls into a cold passionate embrace. She envelops, confuses, intoxicates and brings wild pleasure … She catches into a dark nets the souls wandering in the middle of city streets, seeking and entangled in the wild drive of debauchery and endless pleasures, representatives of night techno culture.

Oh, She’s beautiful and tempting! How supportive and strict the Night?! Here the spirit of freedom reigns, the air is dense, charged and saturated, not at all like by day. Here is present the Basic Knowing. A lot of unknown hidden in the darkness … Try to unravel and not perish in this dangerous world! ..

In the alleys you can clearly hear the booming rhythmic sound of the mysterious hypnotic vibrations of the techno electronics of our time. It is not for nothing that they say that repeating sounds enter a state of trance, enchant and connect to the Higher Mind, to a common energy field or to the Great Universe. This is a different level of sensations, a different level of consciousness and perception of space, the level of colorful images and lightning thoughts, insights and wonderful discoveries. One step closer to God, if you will. There is no past, no future, time does not exist. Just this moment. Your life consists of such moments!

Yes. Exactly! Only here and only now can you find what everyone is looking for. Touch the essence, know the highest state. Crazy sincere smile. That which cannot be described in words and conveyed in sensations. A deep and sweet feeling that unfolds endlessly inside with delicate peals … Only here is the Freedom! ..

Out of scope and rules. Not like everyone else. But like the few chosen, strong-spirited free revolutionaries, rebels, the only hope of modern society. Those who are able to act contrary to social norms, denying the majority opinion. Those who want and can be themselves, no matter what. Those few who truly deserve this freedom!

I welcome you, Representatives of the Concealed Counterculture!..

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