Plutonic Sound – BVNKR

Meet U in the BVNKR

BVNKR is the third Plutonic Sound album released by OIIIAUDIO Records. These are parts of a live set specially prepared for performance in KenKesey Space, St. Petersburg, Russia.

The dance floor was tight, but the recording and live broadcast, unfortunately, did not take place then, and upon returning home, I nevertheless gathered my strength, recorded and released this album … (Plutonic Sound)

The place itself disposed to a real underground. Brick walls, fluorescent paint on the walls and antique furniture fit perfectly into one of the premises of the former Stepan Razin factory. Maybe that’s why the Plutonic Sound’s album was called BVNKR.

The table for artists and DJs was small and it was not easy for me, while I placed the equipment and connected all the wires, set up the synchronization and did the necessary checks. (Plutonic Sound)

Peals of modular synths cut through space. From the very beginning, the sound was amazing and made its way to the very essence. This is a truly analog sound, unique, only here and now. Many specially came to see this live performance.

An interesting feeling when you are together with people who came to break away and dive together into the trance. They and you are all together in the same energy stream. I just did not understand how everything happens, how everything around sways and stretches. Hands themselves did what they needed. It’s not easy to keep dozens of pens in attention, but I didn’t even think about it…(Plutonic Sound)

The equipment, good acoustics, and the room did their job. It was hot, people swayed and rolled their eyes, falling into some of their states. This is the strength and uniqueness of live music …

We present to your attention the BVNKR from Plutonic Sound, truely live and full of underground energy… Just listen to that and get enjoy.


Plutonic Sound

"Plutonic Sound" is a Russian musician, sound engineer and founder of ILOVETECHNO.FM radio. He began to study music in early childhood, and electronic music in about 2005-2006. Currently actively engaged in the popularization of Techno music and also developments in the field of audio electronics, processing, and synthesis of sound under the "o3audio".

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