Who we are?

We are a manufacturer of high-class professional synthesizer equipment, a well-known Techno radio-stream, and a network of record labels like OIIIAUDIO Records and INOSUN Records.

“Our mission is take people the opportunity to express yourself in music by using hi-quality analog and digital equipment.”

– Plutonic Sound (Founder of OIIIAUDIO Technologies)

Three principles

…used in the design and manufacture of equipment:

  • Sounds Great – First of all, we produce sound equipment, the most important sound characteristics.
  • Looks Well – We understand how important the design and appearance of instruments for musicians.
  • Easy to Use – In addition to good sound and design devices, you should enjoy working with them. And this is also very important for us.


produces and distributes musical works in the genres of Techno (various musical directions), dance electronics, and dark experimental textures, which are used to create states on dance floors, raves and live performances.

Send demos to the address: contact@o3audio.com

INOSUN Records

produces music in the style of electronics, downtempo and psychedelic downtempo, experiments in the field of instrumental and electronics.

Send your demos to the address: inosunrecords@gmail.com

Online Radio Streams – ILOVETECHNO.FM Services

We provide a platform for live broadcasting of live performances, promo tracks/albums, or periodical copyright radio shows in the styles of Underground Techno, House / Electronics, and Chill / Downtempo.

For cooperation, advertising and sales, please contact us through the feedback form

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