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The history of synthesizer music dates back to the late 1970s. The development of technology over the past 40 years has strongly influenced the quantity and quality of musical instruments. Now on the shelves of specialized shops and showcases of Internet sites you can find almost any sound equipment that meets the requirements of even the most capricious musician or sound engineer.

Both digital and analog synthesis systems were developed, and accordingly followers of “digitals” and “analogs” appeared. We in no way try to criticize any approach to creating sound, because each of them has strengths and weaknesses, each has its own application areas, and it’s good in its own way.

In this series of articles, we strive to understand and tell the reader about the classical methods of constructing sound in modern music, to expound the years of the theory of synthesis and to share the discoveries obtained as a result of the multifaceted experiments that we acquired in the process of developing and creating synthesizer equipment.

In the process of studying the material, comments and feedback are the only way to fully understand what the author is writing about. Be braver, ask any questions.

We will try to make this trip simple and fascinating. Fasten the belts, adjust the speaker system to a comfortable volume level – we begin our flight! ..

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