Universal Mixer Distributor

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Now you can mix different signals and distribute any signal-mix to four independent buffered channels.

You can mix AC or DC signals, sounds or control voltages as you want with this super compact thin Eurorack module by OIIIAUDIO.

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This simple and thin (2hp), so functional and easy to use module allows you to:

  • Mix two, three or four signals (top four inputs)
  • Distribute any mix to four independent buffered channels (bottom four outputs)
  • Mix AC or DC signals, sounds or controls as you want.


  • Size: 2hp
  • Power: Standart Eurorack 10pin IDC (+12V/-12V)
  • Inout-Output voltages: -12V to +12V
  • Panel: 2mm thick aluminium
  • Power cable and set of screws and washers are included

Device number: G1.MID44.E32.0517.1


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