Trigger Divider – DIV80

General description.

The trigger divider is a simple device for creating pulsations that are multiples of the input signal.

This device has two (2) inputs:

  • Trigger input – for counting input triggers
  • Reset input – for reset internal counter

internal prescaller which can divide input trigger sequence got on trigger-input

  • by 1, if prescaller is off
  • by 2
  • by 4
  • by 8

…and seven (7) outputs which divide :

  • Divide by 2
  • Divide by 3
  • Divide by 4
  • Divide by 5
  • Divide by 6
  • Divide by 7
  • Divide by 8

Well suited as an intermediary between clock generator and any type of trigger-controlled units like sequencers, rhythm-generators, map-generators, arpeggiators, drum-modules etc.

Plutonic Sound

"Plutonic Sound" is a Russian musician, sound engineer and founder of ILOVETECHNO.FM radio. He began to study music in early childhood, and electronic music in about 2005-2006. Currently actively engaged in the popularization of Techno music and also developments in the field of audio electronics, processing, and synthesis of sound under the "o3audio".

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